A full scale in-house video production company, Beach Media Production has the capability and creativity to entertain any project or idea you may have. From the writing phase and shooting to the final edits and packaging, we've got the team you need to create a solid video or digital production.


   Beach Media Production is now getting into filming storms. We will report them as well as film them. We will be setting up our YouTube and Vimeo channels. As well as our social media sites. To be able to report the storms. As well as display our videos and photos. We will still do other film work. But for now, we are focusing on the weather.

   We are going to re-due the haunted & Abandoned series. We are steping back from the weather. I am still posting 7 day forecast. As we will still go chase storms as they develop. We are just not posting current conditions 3 times a day.

   We have a list from the city, Of abandoned property. We are going threw the list to confirm they are abandoned. As well as gathering info on the property.

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